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CorrectNeck2.0| Cervical Spine & Neck Stretcher

CorrectNeck2.0| Cervical Spine & Neck Stretcher

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Don't we all just hate having a sore and Tight Neck?

Rid yourself of Neck Pain with our Cervical Spine and Neck Stretcher.

⊕ Naturally Relieve Neck and Shoulder Tension (Ahh Much Better)

⊕ Improve Your Posture (Stand Tall and Confident)

⊕ Only 10 Minutes per Day (More Time for Friends and Family)

⊕ Relax as You Go (Enjoy a Book or Take a Break)

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The New Solution

What is A Cervical Spine Stretcher?

Our Cervical Spine Stretcher is an innovative piece of technology that uses Gravity as a means to offer an all natural solution to that bugging neck pain. It's Wave like design acts similar to a neck supporting pillow but instead of your neck sinking into and eventually wearing away the support, the EVA foam keeps you supported in the correct position at all times.

Pain Away

Natural Pain Relief

With Just 10 Minutes of use each day, experience relief from Neck Stiffness, Tense shoulders and Tension Headaches. With the Cervical Spine and Neck Stretcher improve your posture and restore your necks natural curvature to find that sense of comfort and relaxation you are searching for.

Technological Marvel

How it Works

This piece of innovative technology uses well placed massagers to target specific pressure points in your neck that provide alleviation to the tight and tense pain of a stiff neck. Through the use of Gravity the precisely placed massagers press firmly onto the Neck and Upper Trapezius tissue giving a deep massaging feeling that relaxes the muscles and leaves you feeling free to move without being sore or tight.

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Who Does the NeckCorrect2.0 Help?

The NeckCorrect2.0 is designed for a wide range of consumers to use. With the smart and innovative design this device can be used by almost anybody. People who we believe will benefit the most are:

1. Individuals that work a desk job during the day who may experience neck discomfort or suffer from bad posture

2. Ageing adults who suffer from stiffness and tightness in the upper back and neck throughout the day

3. Those who want a non-invasive treatment to their neck and upper back pain and stiffness


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long should I use my NeckCorrect2.0?

We recommend that for those starting out with their use of the NeckCorrect2.0 to start with 5 minutes each day.

Should I use my Neck Stretcher for extended periods of time?

No, you shouldn't use your neck stretcher for any longer than 15 minutes per day. If you want to go longer than that talk to a healthcare professional for advice.

Should I feel discomfort the first time?

You may experience a slight feeling of discomfort the first time you use the product as your neck adjusts to the new position. If discomfort continues, discontinue your use and talk to a healthcare professional.

How Should I clean this Device?

To clean this device, use a damp towel or an antibacterial wipe after each use. Avoid leaving the device in direct sunlight as colour may fade.

Is the NeckCorrect2.0 a pillow?

No, this product is not designed to be slept with or used for extended periods of time.


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