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FrostyFlow Mini Air Conditioner

FrostyFlow Mini Air Conditioner

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Meet the FrostyFlow Mini Air Conditioner - Your ultimate comfort companion!

Say goodbye to sweltering heat and stifling humidity with the FrostyFlow Mini Air Conditioner. Engineered for maximum cooling efficiency and unparalleled convenience, this compact yet powerful unit is designed to bring comfort wherever you go. Plug it into any USB socket and experience relief from the summer heat. 

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Meet The GlowWrite!

Presenting our revolutionary LED note board, blending cutting-edge technology with classic list making and noting. Enter a realm where your thoughts radiate as brilliantly as the LED lights adorning the edge of our board. Meticulously crafted to inspire creativity, our LED notepad delivers an unparalleled writing journey beyond convention.

But Why Should I Buy?

Stay Organised!

Having a note board provides a centralised place to jot down reminders, to-do lists, and important information, helping you stay organised and on top of tasks.

Compact and Space-Saving!

Getting yourself a GlowWrite note board helps declutter your workspace by consolidating important information into one easily accessible location, freeing up desk or wall space.

Visual Reminders!

Visual cues are powerful memory aids. Having the GlowWrite note board allows you to display information important dates, upcoming events, deadlines or tasks, reducing the likelihood of you forgetting.

Unleash your Creativity

Having a note board like the GlowWrite encourages creativity by providing a blank canvas for sketching ideas, mind mapping, or visualising concepts. If none of those options excite you, just unleash your inner artist and highlight your amazing works in a bright glow.

Convenient, Compatible & Accessible

Experience ultimate convenience and efficiency with the GlowWrite! Engineered for seamless setup, our innovative design ensures you can place it wherever suits you best. Powered by a versatile USB connection, the GlowWrite seamlessly integrates with a variety of devices, adapting effortlessly to any environment you desire. And forget the hassle of constantly replacing batteries – our note board operates solely via USB, eliminating the need for battery replacements. With the GlowWrite, your notes will always be glowing, keeping you effortlessly organized without interruption.


Evolutionary Engineering!

The surface of our LED Note Board isn't just a canvas – it's a portal to endless creativity. Designed as a versatile writable board, it invites you to unleash your imagination with the included marker. Whether you're jotting down important reminders, sketching out elaborate doodles, or crafting heartfelt messages, the possibilities are boundless. Imagine the joy of leaving surprise notes for your children to discover, creating personalized messages for your significant other, or simply expressing your innermost thoughts and ideas in a visual format.

Effortlessly Extraordinary!

Beyond its practical utility, our LED Note Board doubles as a captivating decorative piece, elevating the ambiance of any space. Available in three different shapes and designs, it seamlessly integrates into any room's aesthetic, adding a touch of charm and personality. Picture it adorning the walls of a cozy living room, adding a whimsical flair to a child's bedroom, or bringing a dash of sophistication to a home office. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or playful and colorful, there's a design to suit every taste and style. With its versatility as both a functional tool and a decorative accent, the GlowWrite effortlessly enhances the visual appeal of any environment, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

Readily Reusable!

Step into the future of note-taking and elevate your productivity with the GlowWrite – a revolutionary alternative to traditional paper notepads. Bid farewell to the days of flipping through endless pages of paper and embrace a stylish, modern approach to organization. Gone are the mundane, outdated notepads and calendars – it's time to infuse your notes with life and vibrancy. Featuring three distinctive designs, including an integrated calendar option, the GlowWrite offers a comprehensive solution to eliminate the wasteful practices of the past. Make the switch to a reusable, eco-friendly method that not only streamlines your workflow but also adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Board Light Up?

The GlowWrite LED note board plugs directly into any USB port that you have. Once plugged in just click the button and watch your notes come to life.

What can I use this for?

With three different designs to choose from the GlowWrite is your versatile planning partner. The note board can be used to keep those important dates in the front of your mind, leave notes for your loved ones or just unleash your inner artist and bring any room to life.

Does the GlowWrite need batteries?

No, The GlowWrite is powered fully by USB Connection so don't worry about it ever running out!

Can I Use any Marker on the Note Board?

Whilst we recommend you use the marker included, if you want to change up the colour, whiteboard markers can be used on the GlowWrite as well.

How Do I Clean the GlowWrite?

To Clean your note board you can use a whiteboard eraser (One is attached to marker) . You can also use a wet wipe and just dry it afterwards.

Clear the Calendar!

GlowWrite offers three versatile designs to suit your needs: a note board for reminders, a space for special messages, or a calendar for important dates. We've got you covered! The GlowWrite Calendar board offers a sophisticated solution for those seeking to transition away from outdated paper calendars. Say goodbye to wasteful practices and embrace a modern, stylish alternative. With our innovative calendar option, you can effortlessly plan ahead while complementing your contemporary aesthetic. Step into the future of organization with GlowWrite, where functionality meets elegance, leaving the constraints of the past behind.


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